Meet Reshma

Meet Reshma Brahmbhatt, a digital marketing graduate from the Univerisity of Georgia.

Reshma was born and raised in the Peach State so she loves that she can work in the city that raised her. Imagine Media is the perfect place for her because her ultimate passion is helping local and small businesses flourish with the help of a tight-knit team.

Reshma is so glad that she has found a passion where she can consistently be bouncing ideas off people. Being the middle child, she always felt the need to be innovative. Whether it was a new way to get her sister to play Barbies with her at the tender age of 4 or convincing her brother to play along with all of her "story games", she always has a million ideas flowing through her head on how to do something better and more efficient. 

When she's not working, you can find Reshma searching the city for the best margarita, finding the latest and greatest song to pump up to in her car, or spitting extensive knowledge about a very random topic. She also is an avid writer, sometimes it may look like she's texting on her phone but she's actually writing the next great epic novel (or so she thinks anyways).