Meet our New Client: Private Holdings

Our newest client is all about protecting your most valuable assets. They combine the look of traditional boxers with the comfort and support that briefs have to offer. Genius move right? This is how they thought of it: One morning Jackie Jenson’s husband was fed up with the traditional boxers he was wearing - they weren’t controlling the situation anymore. So he decided to start wearing tighty-whities. Jackie decided that there had to be some sort of of happy medium - so she sewed a supportive brief inside of the traditional stylish boxers...the rest is history my friends. The goal is to make men “Feel like they are sliding into a nice set of sheets at a high-end hotel.”


“Whether your guy is walking around the house or changing in a locker or room, Private Holdings provides the the support of a brief, but with the style of a boxer.”

So there you have it kids - Private Holdings.

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