Meet Our New Partner - Schiff Real Estate Team


Say hello to the Schiff team, our newest partner! This group of passionate associates knows better than most that life begins at home, so they understand the importance finding the perfect one.

They also recognize that purchasing a house can be intimidating, especially when you don't know if someone is looking out for you or simply wants to close the deal as soon as they can. The Schiff team considers themselves your partners in finding a home that is the right, most sustainable choice for you above all.

They work at your pace and comfort level and answer the questions you didn't know you had about home shopping. They'll educate and guide you through the process so you feel confident and secure in your decision. Oftentimes, the Schiff team becomes part of many customers' support systems and networks of friends down the road. To them, that's the most important aspect of their work at the end of the day — the individuals and families they help achieve their home dreams.

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Story By: Kris Martins