Meet Our New Partner - Jejo's Market


We’re starting to think differently about the food we put in our body — whether we want less pesticide residue, no gluten or no animal products. Jejo’s Market, our new partner, is blending that awareness with food e-commerce through wholesome food, beverage and personal care options.

Offering U.S. and international flavors, Jejo’s is bringing your favorite health-conscious brands like purely elizabeth, SkinnyPop and Andalou Naturals straight to your doorstep. Filter your search by food preferences such as gluten-free, vegan and paleo to simplify and personalize your shopping experience.

Jejo’s is committed to high-quality products. Many are organic but all are non-GMO and contain no artificial flavors. It is also dedicated to affordability and accessibility, so there is no annual membership fee to shop.

Stay tuned to gain insight into Jejo’s products and discover creative ways to incorporate its products in your everyday meals. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Story By: Kris Martins