Meet Our New Partner - Darzzi

Darzzi Graphic.jpg

Our new partner, Darzzi, will help you live cozy. Darzzi, which means “tailor” in Hindi, crafts unforgettable knits for the home, your wardrobe and your little ones.

Selected for softness and curated for comfort, Darzzi knits invite a whole new level of coziness into your life. They’re meant to be stitched into the fabric of your life — serving as your companion for unwinding with a glass of wine, for adding a special touch to complete your room, or for repurposing into a picnic blanket as you make new memories with your loved ones. Take Darzzi anywhere you go and you’ll live life in maximum comfort.

Darzzi goods are made with natural, sustainable materials from small mills and crafted either in their family factory in India or in small, family-owned shops around the world. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to add an extra dose of cozy to your feed each day.

Story By: Kris Martins