Meet Jillian!


Meet Jillian, she is thrilled to be joining the Imagine Media team as a Social Media Spring Ambassador. Jillian is currently finishing up her business degree at Georgia Tech (THWg) in Marketing and Industrial Design.

As a born-and-bred Atlantan, Jillian has a deep passion for this city and all its inhabitants (though a healthy dislike for its absurd amount of potholes). She loves the diversity of the Atlanta and its ability to constantly surprise and inspire her. Her impending graduation this December has her thankful for those that have made her college experience so amazing and she can’t wait to grow some real roots in Atlanta post-grad!

Jillian values creativity and community, which is exactly what brought her to Imagine Media! She hopes to gain a better understanding of how to build valuable brands and meaningful relationships with consumers during her time as an Ambassador. When not in the office, she enjoys hunting down the best Tatcho (Tater-Tot Nachos) joints in Atlanta and attempting a run in Piedmont Park. She is commonly found watching various nature documentaries and passing the time by taking pictures of her dog.