Meet the Team: Hannah


Meet Hannah, our newest Social Media Ambassador!

Hannah is graduating from Kennesaw State University in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Communication media studies. She has a passion for all things social media as well as marketing and advertising. 

Looking for a place to establish herself, she knew she would thrive in a colorful, creative space that allowed her to think freely, expand on her imagination, and surround herself with like-minded people. That's when she found Imagine Media Consulting and decided it was a perfect fit.   

When she is not creating content in the office or studying the night away at home to finish her degree, you can find at local concert venues listening to her favorite bands with her favorite people, or grabbing a refreshing margarita at the nearest Mexican restaurant. 

In addition to learning everything she can as an intern, Hannah loves meeting new people and learning how they tick. She believes everyone has something to bring to the table, whether its new ideas or lessons to learn from past experiences. Everyone she crosses paths with deserves a chance to be seen and heard.