Meet Emily!

   Hey guys, my name is Emily Armistead and I am the super excited new kid on the block. I’ll be joining the Imagine Media team this Spring as a Social Media Intern. Im stoked to have the opportunity to work with such an inspiring, radiant bunch of people. It seems as though I’ll be fitting in just fine here with a shared passion for gold accents and spoiling the Bachelor winners. My homeland is Orlando Florida, but I have relocated this year to Atlanta in efforts to fulfill my long time dream of attending SCAD. I have never been more pale in my life. To be honest, I am having beach withdraws but I’ve learned to cope by finding the hobby of hiking.  At SCAD I am studying Branded Entertainment. I have found it’s the perfect combination of creative freedom and grounded business. I am passionate about learning new ways of integrating a brand’s personality into the social media realm and feel as though I have stumbled into the perfect place to do it. I’m a lucky gal to be invited into such a collaborative workspace where innovation is a daily thing.