Meet Emily!


We’re so excited to introduce Emily, our Photo Stylist. She’s an idealist, doodler and sometimes a designer too. She believes in grand romantic gestures and writing feelings down in pen. She has a heart for finding beauty in the mundane and a passion to create stories visually.

She first found her love for all things creative in high school sharpie doodles and yearbook InDesign spreads. She recently graduated from SCAD earning a degree in Branded Entertainment with a concentration in Film. Emily’s a Florida Orange turned Georgia Peach and for the last three years, she’s been learning how to adapt to Atlanta traffic and snow patterns.

Emily first joined the team as an Imagine Media Ambassador and worked for us part-time on graphics projects while she finished her education. When she’s not in the office she’s capturing video of the things she loves, dreaming up a personal project or visiting her teenage angst through a throwback playlist.

Keep an eye out for Emily’s beautiful styling skills on our Instagram!