How to Maximize Your Stories with Stickers


The popularity of Instagram Stories continues to surge: 500 million users are visiting the Stories section each day, and one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are posted by businesses, according to

If one of your social media goals is to generate engagement (which it should be), then you’ll need to take advantage of Instagram Stories. Even if you don’t have the coveted Swipe Up feature yet, you can still engage with your audience and collect valuable information within this prized section of the app. 

Within Instagram Stories, the growing number of stickers are adding new, creative ways for brands to engage with their followers. Whether you’re looking to generate brand awareness, encourage a conversation or educate your audience, the diverse sticker selection offers endless opportunities to create content that matches your goals. We’ve explored some of the best ways to engage with our audience through Instagram Stories and have provided examples to show you how you can use stickers for your brand.

Take a Poll

One of the simplest ways to interact with your audience via stickers is the poll feature. You can use a poll to ask your audience’s opinion or conduct research for your brand. The poll tool will by default prompt an either- or answer, but you can also customize your responses to suit your question. Don’t forget to check the analytics section to see the results of your poll and adjust your strategy accordingly!


Ask or Answer Questions

The Questions sticker is similar to a poll, but allows for more of a dialogue between your brand and your audience. You can use it for an “Ask Me Anything” session, where your followers can ask you questions about your company. Another option for the sticker is to pose a question to the audience and encourage them to submit their responses. For example, you could encourage the users to give their opinion on what products they would like to see next. Connecting with your audience via questions helps bridge the gap between brand and customer in a genuine way.


Start a Countdown

The countdown sticker is a fun way to generate excitement about a big announcement, product release or upcoming event. The sticker will automatically update in real time and includes a celebratory animation when the countdown hits zero. When a user views your Story with the countdown feature, they can tap the sticker to get a reminder about the event.


Use the Slider

The slider tool is a subtle way to get your audience to interact with your posts. You can customize the emoji that appears on the slider and use it to ask your audience’s opinion. You can also use the slider tool in a way that’s similar to the poll feature by adding words or numerical increments next to the slider. For example, you can put the numbers 1-5 next to the slider to turn the slider into a scale voting system.


Give a Pop Quiz

The quiz sticker is way more fun than the pop quizzes you may be used to! It’s actually a fun way to engage with users and test their knowledge! Use this sticker to educate your audience or as a competition that corresponds to a giveaway.


Start a Chat

The chat sticker is one of the newest additions to the collection on Instagram. You can now start a direct chat with a closed group relative to your Story. As the account who posted the Story, you can admit entry to users within the chat which will lead them to a group message in the Instagram DMs section. We predict this feature will take community management to a new level as it makes it even easier to connect with your followers in real-time.


Ask for a Donation

If you’re a nonprofit or a company that’s involved with a nonprofit, the donation sticker is a quick and simple way to spread awareness about a fundraiser. Rather than swiping up to a page, the donation tool gives users the opportunity to contribute within the app.


Engage with the Community

Help users discover your company using the location tag, mentions and/or hashtag features. Mentioning other brands in your Stories will also give them the option of sharing your Story onto theirs and expanding your reach. Pro tip: If you don’t want to clutter your Story with these tags, you can always hide them in the background by matching the color and making the text small!


Instagram is one of our favorite apps to use for our partners because it’s constantly updating the tools and features that you can use to interact with followers. Think of the variety of stickers as the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an Instagram strategy. It’s important to stay ahead of the trends and understand how to use new features as they appear within the app. If you’d like to learn more tips for using Instagram to your advantage, be sure to follow along with our Instagram Stories.

Story By: Sophie Duncan