theSkimm on Millennial Audiences

It's a buzz word that us Marketers can't get away from: "Millennials". Reaching this audience is tough, and also seems to be the most sought after demographic in the Marketing World. It's a whole new ball game which some companies including theSkimm have managed to master. Below are some key takeaways that we learned from their latest TechCrunch interview, and here is the full article. Truly a must-read! 

1. Serve up digestible news, and be honest in your advertising

2. Looking at your phone is the new "me time" so make sure you can entertain and engage this audience

3. Millennials want things to be delivered on their time, so give options that allow this

4. Ambassadors are key for all aspect of your business, choose them well and wisely 

5. Be completely transparent with your audience to build trust 

Post by Margot Dukes