Making It UBER Simple

Following the constantly changing and often controversial development of the Uber app, developers have now developed relationships with companies such as Starbucks, United, OpenTable, TimeOut, and Trip Advisor as a part of an affiliate program.  The app has partnered with these existing applications so that users will be able to summon an Uber to a location without having to exit whatever current app they might be in and re-log into Uber to catch a ride. For example, imagine finding a cool new restaurant on OpenTable, making a reservation, and calling an Uber all from the same place.

In addition to opening the app up to third party developers, Uber’s new API allows users to also request endpoint, which allows different app developers to embed Uber into their own apps.  Uber has decided to put the multiple opportunities, functions, and conveniences of their service, in the hands of developers and users everywhere. The goal is that through the affiliate program, users will be able to create all kinds of new Uber benefits. Perhaps one day an Uber will know exactly what time to pick users up from work everyday and then drop them off at their favorite happy hour location then be back in time to take them home for the night. Uber is taking small steps toward a highly convenient future. 

Sources: Mashable and Uber