Making ‘Cents’ in Social Media Advertising

Social media isn’t just for sharing cat videos and stalking your high school friend’s engagement photos anymore. High-profile brands use multiple platforms to reach potential customers, developing intricate advertising algorithms based on social media consumption habits. And when done well, these campaigns can mean major sales. 

Between Buyable Pins, Snapchat Ads and Facebook Ads, social media might just be the new advertising frontier, even in saturated markets. Not only does social media allow for marketers to talk directly to customers; it allows customers to talk directly to other potential customers. This makes it even more important for companies and brands to shape the discussions going on online. 

This is why platforms such as Facebook AdEspresso are gaining traction in the digital marketing world. This in-house Facebook development allows clients to see how other successful brands have rolled out Facebook ad campaigns. They’ve even started online courses dedicated to increasing brand visibility and customer acquisition. While larger, multi-billion dollar corporations are the main success stories profiled, it is important to remember that even small, local businesses have a lot of gain from successful social media ads. 

But recent trends suggest that it might be even harder to engage and build relationships with potential customers online. Since 2014, more people consume social media on a mobile device than do those who consume it on a desktop computer. This increases the need to create engaging, innovative and eye-catching content that looks good on mobile screens. 

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook continue to roll out innovative ways to advertise to their growing - and increasingly diverse - audiences. And it appears that more and more companies are opting to put their marketing budgets into high-quality, short video clips that are housed directly into people’s newsfeed, Snapchat stories and other frequently visited websites. One of the key ways that companies are rolling out ads on these sites is through third-party platforms like InRead, used by companies like Google, Chanel and Sony to put curated, mobile-friendly video content straight into the fast-moving newsfeed of social media users. These less obtrusive ads seem to be the future of advertising, and could help boost online sales and social media-based sales in the near future.