Reflecting On My Ambassador Experience


First Month:

As I began my journey as an ambassador, I was overwhelmed by all of the new information I was learning. I was engulfed in this new world of social media that I had not seen before. In the forefront, you see Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with advertisements but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. With Monday meetings to partner photoshoots I began taking it all in as fast as I could.


Being in the Food & Beverage pod, I began pulling content for posts and stories, writing captions, scheduling posts, making infographics, and writing a blog every week for three partners. As time went on I began gaining more and more partners. With each client being very from different the other, I had to curate each story and post how I wanted to showcase them in their particular voice. It was so rewarding to see how content was created and pushed out during the week.


Photoshoots were one of my favorite occasions to shadow the full-time team. I never knew what to expect. Whether it be professional models coming in for a shoot or hopping in a photo to model for a product myself. It was always such a learning experience. I particularly learned modeling is not as easy as it looks, but it definitely is still fun!

Story By: Kelsey Currie