LinkedIn Offers New Data on Millennial Users

Millennials continue to be one of the internet’s favorite topics, with information on everything from decoding their workplace habits to a millennial Bible translated into emojis (no joke). In fact, according to LinkedIn’s new data on the demographic, there are almost 44,000 articles written about millennials online and 16 million searches for the keyword “millennial.”

Adding to the existing buzz, LinkedIn’s infographic is all about millennial habits, influence and engagement on the platform. Some of the information isn’t all that surprising-- the graphic notes that over half of millennials want advancement opportunities and better pay from their jobs, but who doesn’t? And we already know millennials are tech-savvy.

However, the infographic also provides valuable insights into how brands and influencers can appeal to millennials on LinkedIn.

With 87 million users, millennials make up 38% of LinkedIn’s user base. More than 2 million of those users hold marketing roles and about 11 million are global decision makers. Those 87 million users engage the most with content covering recruiting, social media marketing, employee engagement and, in typical millennial fashion, self-esteem.

Millennials as a whole offer $1 trillion in purchasing power a year. Armed with new information on how to reach them, brands can harness that purchasing power with smarter marketing on LinkedIn.

Written by: Kelsey Thompson