LinkedIn Announces 3 New Campaign Objectives


LinkedIn recently released new options for advertising on the platform. Now, LinkedIn lets you set up campaigns for brand awareness, website conversions and job applications. 

Before this update, some LinkedIn marketers had issues setting up ads that matched their business goals because there were only a few options to choose from for their campaign goals. This update aims to address that issue, helping people better align their advertising options with what marketers want from their ads.  

Brand awareness

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn now lets you set up campaigns with the main goal of getting people familiar with your brand. LinkedIn will track the success of these types of campaigns through the number of impressions — or views — your ads receive. The platform will then charge you based on this metric, specifically by the cost per 1,000 impressions (or CPM). 

While Facebook has algorithms in place to track how many people remember seeing your ad two days after they see it (they get this metric through ad recall surveys), LinkedIn has not introduced this way of measuring brand awareness yet. LinkedIn is focusing specifically on impressions for brand awareness campaigns. 

In the past, startups and newer businesses didn’t have much success with LinkedIn advertising without the chance to run ads with the goal of reaching as many people as they can. Now, smaller and newer businesses will be set up for more success on the platform. 

Website conversions

LinkedIn offers several options for optimizing your ads in a website conversion campaign. Goals can include visits to your website, specific actions taken on your website or even event responses.

When tracking how your ads are performing, LinkedIn will report landing page views as well as these defined actions. Depending on your overall goal for running ads, your focus can vary on whether website visits or specific action items on your site are most important. 

Since the overall campaign goal for a website conversions ad is different from a brand awareness ad, LinkedIn will charge you differently. For website conversion campaigns, LinkedIn will charge you per the number of link clicks your ad receives. 

Job applicants

Now you can set up campaigns in order to find new talent for job applications. This objective can drive people to apply either through LinkedIn’s job application process or through your company’s website. 

While LinkedIn previously had the option to post job openings on company pages, this new ad objective makes it easier to get applications in the eyes of people who could be the most qualified candidates.

All of these updates were in a beta version on LinkedIn ads since last October, and LinkedIn is excited to implement these new goals for everyone now. With more options to choose from, advertising on LinkedIn can now be more successful for a wider range of businesses.

Story By: Keagan Ross