LinkedIn Adds New Custom Call-to-action Button

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While LinkedIn may not be your most engaging social media platform, it is important to stay active on it to attract new employees, other businesses and connect with others in your industry. Recently, LinkedIn has begun to implement new features to help users make the most of the platform.

One of the newest tools LinkedIn has implemented is a custom call-to-action button for company pages. Call-to-action buttons are used to drive your customers and audiences toward the conversion you want. This lets you turn page viewers into potential customers or followers. There are five different call-to-action options for the new button:

  • Contact Us

  • Learn More

  • Register

  • Sign Up

  • Visit Website

Why It Matters To You

Chances are, your No. 1 goal for using social media is to get customer conversions. By using LinkedIn to market your brand and core values, you’re increasing brand awareness to audiences that may not be on platforms like Instagram or even Facebook. This new custom call-to-action button now lets you do more on LinkedIn besides redirect people to your website.

Plus, you can see analytics for this new feature in your dashboard so you can see exactly how much traffic you’re getting from your LinkedIn CTA. This tool could potentially make LinkedIn an even better platform for social media marketing. If you haven’t checked in on your LinkedIn page, we recommend logging on and updating your page to take advantage of this new opportunity for growth!

LinkedIn said it plans on adding a new feature to its platform each quarter to continue growing conversion opportunities and increase community engagement, so keep up with us here to get a rundown of all the updates when they’re launched. 

Story By: Alondra Santillan