Always Learning: LinkedIn Marketing 101

Us Imagineers know that Social Media is all about constantly learning. Whether it be a new update, new social platform, brushing up on our advertising knowledge, challenging ourselves creatively, or so much more, being a Social Media guru certainly takes work. With new client SecurAmerica came a new challenge for our team – Mastering the Art of LinkedIn Marketing.


Imagine Media has found a niche in helping mid-sized company find their ideal strategy on Social Media, but if you’ve taken a look at our client list, you’ll notice that most of the companies we work with are B2C. That’s why SecurAmerica posed an exciting challenge for us. What are the best LinkedIn practices to help their presence soar? Here’s what we’ve found. Can’t wait to continue to master LinkedIn for this wonderful client of ours!


Attracting Followers: LinkedIn suggests a two fold solution to attract new followers to your LinkedIn page. The first happens internally – by encouraging employees to engage with your posts. The second happens externally – by joining groups and discussions, and then joining the larger conversation. Also, be sure to share your LinkedIn plugin to your website to let your fans know where you are.


Engaging Followers: To engage your LinkedIn followers, include helpful and conversational posts, post at least once per day, send updates out in the morning for higher engagement, and include links. Updates with links have 45% higher engagement!

Awesome Stat: LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.



Viral Content: Any content is good, but how can your company make it viral? Here are some quick tips from LinkedIn: Link to relevant “Best Of” lists, post videos, post conversations from outside LinkedIn, invite people to review your company, ask for feedback (posts with questions are 50% more popular!).


Advertising: You’ve mastered the content, now what? The positives of LinkedIn Advertising include: Hypertargeting (you can get as granular as job title of the audience you want to reach – which is fantastic for recruiting!), the largely B2B Market seeking posts to engage with, and the pay per click option. If you’ve advertised on Facebook, you’ll know that there’s no pay per click option. Why is it so great? Because your dollars are going towards actual actions, not just reach. More actions = more success!


Advertising Best Practices: We’ll break it down step by step. Promote an offer, include an engaging headline, include a call to action, include a high quality image (50px by 50 px) send out two ads and optimize the best preforming ad, and send clickers to your website.


That’s all, folks! Best of luck with your LinkedIn campaigns, and we’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to learn about this powerful tool for B2B companies!




Post by: Margot Dukes