Life of an Ambassador - Real time



Knowing someone on “the inside” is so super helpful and informative. I don’t think I was as nervous after talking to Kasey about the company and process. The area I was most nervous about was for the project, but only because I wanted it to be perfect. The project consisted of writing a blog post, creating two graphics, and a tweet - this is to test the skills of the potential candidate. The responses after each part were very fast, and receiving the email that said I would be interning with Imagine was the best email I could receive!

First Day

What a whirlwind. The first day, and really the first week, was not a normal one. I was only there one day of my first week, because we had ice and snow, and I was trapped at home. The first day/week was mainly just learning the platforms they use day-to-day, learning what Pod we would be on, and learning our tasks. Pods are the divisions of clients, there’s the Lifestyle Pod, Professional Services Pod, and Food & Beverage Pod.


My tasks were fitting at first, with just starting out and becoming familiar with everything. They weren’t overwhelming or difficult. I pulled content and articles for three accounts, wrote the captions for them as well, and then scheduled the posts. I would do follow-backs for accounts (certain accounts are assigned for you to follow users back on a designated platform), work on my ambassador project, community management for four accounts, and attend whatever meetings I could. The ambassador project was compiled of three parts about your Pod; four blog posts, two infographics, and one case study to be presented at the end. My tasks sheet did become fuller quite quickly as the weeks went on, but for the better! I then only pulled assets and wrote copy for two accounts, did follow-backs, scheduled about eight or nine accounts, made Instagram Stories for four accounts, and my ambassador project. I would highly recommend helping on photoshoots when you can too! Those are so fun and very helpful when pulling/writing content!

Average Day

No one day is the same really. Usually whatever you have planned happens, and then some, which is nice. You are always busy, working on things, commenting on posts, follow-backs, Instagram stories, pulling content, writing captions, there’s so much to do. This is what makes it fun, because at first I didn’t know what all there would be to do or tasks. However, once you get in the groove and have your tasks, the days start flying by.


The culture is amazing. Coming in and having mainly retail experience, I thought it might be hard to adjust to, but it wasn’t at all. The open floor concept is so nice, and everyone is so helping and sweet. The best bunch of the friendliest people you could meet. It’s also nice that you are seen and treated as an adult, it helps create a good relationship that no one is constantly looking over your shoulder, and watching what you do. All in all I can’t say enough good things about Imagine. It was my favorite place to work, and I will miss being here so much. I wish nothing but the best for them and I know great things are coming for them in the near future!

Story By: Kelly Baker