Leveraging Facebook Ads for Your Business

Knowing that there are over two billion users on Facebook and that organic reach is sparse, most people and businesses have accepted the fact that Facebook Ads can be extremely powerful. 
So, hopefully, you are already taking advantage of Facebook ads since they can have a huge impact for your brand.  

However, if you are not testing and optimizing your ads properly then you need to adjust your process ASAP. Creating ads can feel like a shot in the dark, but if you are diligent, patient and strategic with them from start to finish, you can start to see patterns and gain impressive results over time. 
Now, if you're reading this and you have begun to panic because you have been creating your ads at random, no worries, we're going to break it down for you.

1. Create Engaging Ads

This one seems like common sense, but it is easy to slap a photo and copy together and call it an ad because it looks nice. You want to avoid this. Now is the time to merge creativity and strategy. There is a lot you can do here, instead of sticking to one picture, try a video, GIF, canvas format, or even a photo carousel! The FB ads world is your oyster here, don't skimp out on the different options Facebook has granted you.

In addition, you want to make sure your copy is remaining in your brand's voice and not just a clever sales line being thrown out to the public in hopes that they will complete the conversion you want them to. However, it is important to note that just because a photo and caption did well on your social platforms, that does not mean it will equally as successful in an advertisement format, which brings us to our next point...

2. Test, Test, Test!

Don't be afraid to test your photos, copy, and audiences!Unfortunately, there no flow chart exists that guarantees that if you follow it step by step, your brand will have successful advertisements right off the bat, which is why testing is crucial to learning which combinations lead to the best results.

This is why we highly recommend creating multiple campaigns and even more ad sets (audiences) and advertisements within your campaigns. Now, don't attempt to run as many campaigns as you possibly can at the same time. Advertising is a process and as we mentioned, it requires patience. The key here is that slow and steady wins the race. Cheesy, we know, but if you manage your expectations on the forefront, you won't be devastated when your Page Likes Campaign doesn't generate the results you hoped it would. There is much to be learned and insights to be gained with every positive and not so positive outcome of your advertising results, which leads us to our final point....  

3. Track Your Ads Regularly and Adjust as Needed

In order for your time spent on creating engaging and unique campaigns, audiences and ads to pay off, you need to track their progress often. I recommend checking them at least once a day, but this can vary based on the type of ads you are running. Regardless, don't forget to do this! I can't stress this enough because when you are regularly tracking your ad's progress, you have the ability to avoid ending with negative results.

To elaborate, if you aren't seeing the results you had hoped for, you can edit multiple aspects of your ads to improve their progress. You even have the ability to turn an ad off that is not performing the way you had hoped and it will either stop using your budget, or it will redirect the remaining budget if you have another ad that is performing well within the same ad set.

To recap...
1. Be intentional about the ads that you create
2. Test as much as possible and be patient during this process!
3. Track your ads regularly and be intentional about optimizing the ones that are showing the best results. 
4. Going forward, be diligent about implementing what you have seen work, whether it be a specific audience or call to action, don't forget about the successes!