Let's Get to Business with Snapchat

Ok folks, lets make this a big official thing –  WE WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ON SNAPCHAT!

Last week we joined the daily 100 million user and made our very own ImagineMedia Snapchat! We’re pretty excited about it. Snapchat just voted the favorite child of socialapps for teens and it’s overwhelmingly huge audience stirs up the perfect formula for a marketing strategy.

Lets talk business –  You’re probably wondering how you’d use such a casual platform to connect with your business fans. Well here are some ideas of how you can use Snapchat to tell your brands story:

Special Events -

If you’re having a special event such as a grand opening or anniversary it is a great way to highlight it in a live and personable interaction. The audience you aren’t reaching at the event will show up in a virtual way.  

Teasers -

Another way that the little ghost will come in handy is for teasers! Want a free and effective market campaign? Snapchat is the ideal opportunity to start teasing out videos and pictures of new products and lines. Because all of the content is temporary it is the perfect way to start the buzz around your new offering.

Behind the Scenes -

One of our favorite perks is being able to take your fans behind the scenes into the nit and grit of your everyday. What better way to brand a lifestyle then to show them your real time and real things. It’s a smart way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with the audience in a more engaging way. Make your audience feel like they know you, or better yet – let them know you. Get more points of views by passing off the control of the Snapchat account to different employees. Storytelling in a whole new way.

Make it Light -

Don’t take is serious, Snapchat is a place for you to take your formal business meeting into a casual and personal relationship. Make your snaps short and funny. Give us the juicy meat of your companies day to day grind.

If done right, Snapchat’s authentic platform can really leverage your company’s identity and impact your point of view. Here at Imagine, were more then happy to dive into the new wave of storytelling.

Have you been using Snapchat at your business and in your marketing? Tell us all about your success with the popular social app!


Written by: Emily Armistead