Learn Something UBER Cool During Your Drive

The San Francisco rid-sharing app Uber reinvented door-to-door service when it started in 2009. Since then, Uber has disrupted the taxi industry and innovated our idea of ride-sharing in urban tows across the world.

Now Uber is changing the way we ride once again with Arriving Now, and free in-car magazine. The first issue launched this week in New York City-based cars, celebrating and promoting New York Fashion Week. While it will stay in The Big Apple for now, Uber’s news story services might provide a new outlet for traditional print media within the digital, app-run age. 

As cable news shows continue to drop viewers, Uber seems to be following the trend of other tech-savvy organizations like Starbucks in being the go-to place for on-the-go news. Starting early next year, Starbucks’ loyalty members will be able to read The New York Times’ top stories right on their Starbucks app.