Strong Leadership and How It Empowers Your Team


Hi there, Imagine blog readers! I’m Margot, Imagine Media’s co-founder and COO. In the next couple months, I’ll be walking you through the leadership journey that accompanied Imagine Media’s creation and growth. I’ll share helpful tips, resources, processes, challenges and more to create a larger conversation around leadership and to offer ways you can truly make an impact on your team and, in turn, open the door to allow them to make an impact on you.

We’ve had and will continue to have our challenges, but I’m also really confident that we have something special here at Imagine, and if we can make a difference in just one organization, we’re doing something right! 

The idea for this blog series stemmed from recently being named one of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work for the second year in a row, which was a HUGE accomplishment and means more to us than hitting any revenue goal or metric. When Shantel and I first started, our intention was to create a space that was truly special — a haven for the creative, the driven and the hardworking. Somewhere where our people could thrive and reach their full potential no matter their experience level. To be nominated by our team for this award is a true accomplishment.

To give you a preview of what we’ll be talking about in our future posts, here are a few things our team said made Imagine Media stand out: 

  • DESIGNATED CULTURE CLUB: I’ll dive deeper into this one in a future post, but in short, this team is responsible for holding our Core Values to a higher standard and ensures that we’re never forgetting to keep them at the center of what we do. 

  • CONTINUED EDUCATION FUND: Starting this year, we’ve given each teammate a budget to learn and grow beyond their Imagine Media job title. Imagineers are using this budget for everything from yoga, to getting social media certifications, to attending New York Fashion Week and everything in between. 

  • MONTHLY TOUCH BASES: It’s extremely important to our Leadership Team that we take the time to sit down with each teammate on a monthly basis. In these meetings, we dive into thoughts on what Imagine Media should start, stop and keep doing, then discuss personal goals, struggles and successes. This ensures that our Leadership Team is tapped into what the rest of the team would like to improve about Imagine, and we are making active efforts to continue to improve. 

  • PAID TIME FOR ADVENTURE: After leading with flexible work hours and an unlimited vacation policy for years , we soon realized that no one on our team was actually taking time off (yes, our team is that hardworking). So instead of adding PTO, we coined the term “PTA.” The team has designated time for adventure and is actively encouraged to get out there and explore to bring back new points of view and creative ideas on an annual basis.

  • “PURPOSE” WORK: This quarter specifically, the Imagineers are diving into finding their purpose. No, not their purpose at this moment in time (i.e. husband, wife, social media coordinator) but the true meaning of why they’re here and what impact they want to make. This is helping us all align to ensure that we’re doing meaningful work that serves a greater need. Stay tuned for more on this one, too. 

With each new post in the series, you’ll get a look into Imagine culture and leadership while also gaining strategies and tips that you can use to grow as a leader and to nurture your team. I look forward to sharing a new step of the leadership journey weekly, and if there’s anything you’d like us to write about, drop us a note in the comments!

Story By: Margot Dukes