Keeping Up With The Creatives


Our creative team at Imagine Media is the embodiment of hard work. The team begins with meetings and planning on Mondays followed by two photo shoots per day four days a week. They are constantly on the move and will go to great lengths to capture the most creative and challenging content for our partners. The rest of the team is constantly in awe of their talent and love following along on their adventures throughout Atlanta and beyond. We’ve broken down the creative team and their roles below so that you can get to know the team that makes the magic happen.

Creative Manager

Our creative manager is in charge of overseeing the squad. She handles client communication, scheduling, logistical coordination and thinks big picture for our creative process. When she’s not supporting hands-on at a photo shoot, she’s building relationships with our clients and refining our creative processes behind the scenes.

Creative Administrator

Think of the creative admin as our creative manager’s first mate. With a brain that is both creative and organized (what!?), she picks up any creative administrative tasks that require extra support. She’s also in charge of the model and props coordination which is a way bigger feat than it sounds on paper. The creative admin role requires a lot of hats, and we’ feel so lucky to have found the perfect fit for the job!

Photo Stylist

Our photo stylist is the creative visionary behind photoshoots. She takes the brand’s vision and aesthetic and brings it to life through perfectly placed flat lays and on-shoot coordination. She’s in charge of sourcing inspiration for shot lists, building the shot lists and then putting her plan into practice on shoot day. The next time you take a look at our Instagram, think about what went on behind the scenes to snap that perfect pic!


Our photography team consists of a Lead Photographer and Photo Retoucher. Our lead photographer clicks away his days following the direction of our creative team. He’s a pro at directing models and always knows how a scene will translate through the lens. One of the most important skills for a photographer is creative problem-solving. If it’s raining or the lighting’s off, it’s his job to work through it with a smile - and he does it wonderfully! Our Photo Retoucher then receives the images and perfects them in Lightroom. Each partner has a different mood and aesthetic to their creative strategy and our Photo Retoucher makes sure we stay true to that vision.


The video team is the definition of out of the box thinking. Consisting of a Lead Videographer and a Video Assistant, they work together to bring our world to life and fill our feeds with some seriously creative content. As video continues to lead in social media engagement, our video team is always trying to push the boundaries and be more creative than yesterday. We’re constantly blown away by their newest GIF’s or short clips.

If you’re as big of a fan as we are of our Creative Team after reading this blog, be sure to follow along with their shenanigans on our Instagram Stories.

Story By: Sophie Duncan