Karoo Has New Frames and You Should Get Your Hands On Them ASAP.

TL; DR Karoo has new frames and they are hotter than ever. Check them out at Ponce City Market.

Hang onto your hats folks, Karoo specs are new and improved! A new batch of fresh specs have arrived at Ponce City Market and you should drop everything and check them out. Did you know that the Karoo style experts head to New York City every year to choose the hottest styles? Who ever said style, affordability and quality couldn’t all coexist definitely has never been to Karoo. Here’s a peek at our new frames, but for the full experience you should head to Ponce City Market. Karoo is located below Dancing Goats and is in between Sephora and Binders. In summary, we want you to be able to see your phone while scanning social media so why don’t you just head on over to Karoo for an eye exam and/or new sunglasses? All the cool kids are doing it!


Written by: Carolyn Whalen