Meet Our New Partner: Kirk Kara

“I do” doesn’t happen without the perfect ring. The key is finding a ring that perfectly compliments the style and personality of your blushing bride on the big day and for years to come. 

And all of Kirk Kara’s captivating designs do exactly that. While creating memorizing and unique engagement and wedding rings for the modern bride, the team at Kirk Kara prides itself on reimagining classic styles and making them one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of art. From first glance, you can tell the Kirk Kara difference in quality and craftsmanship. But it is their history and heritage that makes the company stand out in the jewelry business. What started as hand engraved jewelry in Armenia and Lebanon has grown into a strong family business that still looks to the past for inspiration. Their passion for precision and dedication to preserving classic and vintage designs inspires each ring and matching set they create. 

Designed with the highest quality metals, cut stones and a signature filigree that highlight your chosen design, Kirk Kara is dedicated to finding you a look that will last a lifetime. With a wide range of styles, from high glamour to more whimsical, each hand engraved piece is truly forever captivating. We're so excited to work with Kirk Kara and can't wait to grow their social presence. 

You can see their entire collection on their website, Instagram and Facebook