Introducing Our New Partner: FunBites!

We are so thrilled to announce our newest client: FunBites. Bobbie Rhoads first developed FunBites for her daughters. She says that her eldest daughter ate everything. There was no problem getting her to eat the nutrition she needed to grow and develop. Her second was a different story. She was the essence of a “picky-eater” and like most children, she preferred junk food to all others. One funny semblance in the way in which they ate, which they share with many younger children, is that they liked their food cut up into small bite sized pieces. Bobbie found herself spending so much time cutting up her daughter’s meals, that she thought there should be a tool that did this chore for her. And that is how FunBites came to be.

FunBites is a two-piece durable brightly colored curved blade, which cuts up kids meals into cute bite sized shapes. The idea is that kids will be more willing to try new things, and perhaps ditch the junk food for healthier homemade options. If the name sounds familiar, you may have heard about FunBites first on ABC’s Shark Tank. The BPA free and dishwasher safe product won the 2014 “Product of the Year for Creative Child” as well as 12 other awards and has been featured in publications like Real Simple and Parenting. Twelve thousand mommy bloggers can’t all be wrong! Check it out and make your food more fun!

Blog By: Leah Griffin

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