Introducing 3rd Rock Adventures

We are pleased to announce our newest client, 3rd Rock Adventures! As a group travel company, 3rd Rock’s goal is to show clients that there is more to travel than just visiting a new place - it’s about building new relationships with new people and new places by experiencing new foods, cultures, and adventures together.

What had been a lifelong love of Kim Pennock’s, turned into a career when she booked a trip for 22 people to a castle she dreamed of visiting in Tuscany. Since then, she has taken groups all of the world - from various countries in Europe and South America to India and right here at home. 3rd Rock provides unforgettable memories and relationships by guiding you through all of the excitement and unexpectedness this beautiful world has to offer. Keep up with 3rd Rock Adventures as they travel the world by liking them on Facebook and following them on Instagram - You may just fall in love with travel yourself!