Integration of AI in Social Media

We live in a social media and digital era. Social media and technology have become an essential part not only in our personal lives, but in the business world as well. New and innovative methods of increasing overall efficiency are always being considered and one of the most talked about ways of increasing efficiency is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the many spectrums of our daily lives.

With the number of social media users being in the billions, social platforms have unimaginable amounts of data coming at them, and these figures will only continue growing. Social media management is one of the many ways brands build their platform to increase engagement and AI is already helping analyze the data within each platform in order to simplify social media management. AI is able to identify trending topics and patterns to understand user behavior to curate a more engaging user experience. 

AI can effectively study a user’s searching habit on any given social platform and advise marketers on which demographic to target with their ads. AI understands the products that a user might be interested in through what the user likes and comments on and then recommends the ads to display on that users timeline. Ultimately, AI will help business managers strategize effectively and ensure that every penny on their marketing budget is put to good use.

Story By: Mariana Duarte