Instagram Update

Instagram released a new update last week, which drastically changes the way in which you navigate the application. They have now made it easier than ever to “search and explore”.  The site has totally renovated their “explore” tab. They now allow users to make instant discoveries of trending images from around the world.  They did this through the invention of “trending Tags” and “trending Places”. Over 70 million photos and videos are posted to instagram every day, the new goal of instagram is to make sure that whether near or far, and users are able to find these captured moments. 

The categories developed by Instagram aim to capture content from all points of view. Additionally Instagram has added collections, which feature interesting accounts, places, and events being covered in the Instagram world. Initially, these updates will be exclusively available to the United States. It will take some time to fine tune the updates for other countries.  However, this does not mean that Instagram overseas will see no improvements. The Instagram sear engine has added a “Places Search” which allows you to take a closer look at any spot around the world. The search engine has combined people, places, and tags in one spot, and allows you to combine all of these searches in one click through the “top search” category.  Instagram iOS 7.0 is available for update in the app store today! 

Sources: Instagram Blog  and TechCrunch