Instagram's New Business Tools

With rumors circulating for a while now, Instagram FINALLY introduced its new business tools! Instagram is the new "it" social media network and has been a critical component in many companies' brand exposure over the past few years. To the small and large business owners delight, Instagram is hearing our cries for a business-oriented Instagram! So what's in store? Check out this easy to follow list!


1.     In order to qualify for an Instagram Business account, you must have a Facebook Business page already set up. This qualification makes it easy for Instagram to receive the payment credentials already used through Facebook and it also pre-populates key information for the business, such as address, telephone number and website.

2.     The biggest noticeable change will be a “Call to action” button and access to maps and directions at the top of the page. Instagram is also adding the feature to email the business personally when trying to contact them instead of using their in-app messaging system. Many business owners have complained to Instagram about the difficulty of keeping up with DM’s and comments on photos, so Instagram is offering this user-friendly alternative.

3.     Say hello to Insights as well! Businesses will be able to track their posts and see which posts are doing well and what their key audience demographic looks like. Similar to Facebook, the Insights will include top posts, reach, impressions and engagement as well.

4.     Finally, Instagram is introducing mobile ad creation. Instagram users on the go can quickly turn top performing posts into advertisements with the click of a button. Having mobile ad creation does have its trade-offs though compared to the tools one can use to create Facebook ads. While Facebook Ads Manager is made for sophistication and high quality, Instagram’s ad creation tool is made for simplicity and speed.


Instagram business tools won’t roll out for another couple months but we are so excited to introduce these new tools to our clients and continue to grow their booming business!

Story by: Hannah Baumgarten