What Does Instagram’s Branded Content Tool Mean for Your Business?

instagram branded content tools

Gone are the days of adding #ad, #sponsored, or #spon at the end of an Instagram post to indicate that it’s sponsored and/or branded content. Last month, Instagram expanded access to its branded content tools — now, when partnering with other creators, businesses, and/or brands, businesses can keep their partnerships transparent, which allows them to maintain an authentic and honest relationship with their audience.

In short, when partnering with another brand or business, if you have a business account, in “Advanced Settings” you can tag the partnering brand. Once the post is live (after being approved by the business/brand you’re partnering with), a small caption/tag will appear at the top of the post, announcing the partnership. For example, in a few of Justina Blakeney/The Junaglow’s recent Instagram posts (seen below), a caption/tag has appeared at the top, which reads: “Paid partnership with Wayfair.” Wayfair is tagged & the caption/tag is clickable, leading the user over to Wayfair’s page. 

So what does this mean for your business? We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of working with brand reps. and influencers, as well as how to collaborate with other brands. Instagram’s branded content tool aids in these partnerships, as both you and the brands you partner with are explicitly highlighted within the post in a transparent way. Users will be encouraged to not only interact with your brand, but also with your partnering company. Additionally, since the caption/tag is at the top of your post, you’ll have more space in the actual caption to discuss the partnership, why you loved working with another business, etc.

Join the Conversation: Have you utilized the branded content tool? If so, how do you feel about it?

Story by: Isabelle Edwards