Instagram Year in Review

Instagram posted their 2018 Year in Review highlighting the trends they saw across the platform. What they didn’t mention was how it’s been a busy year for Instagram internally, with a lot of new updates, features and tools introduced to the social media platform. We took a trip down memory lane with the Imagineers’ favorite social media app to give you a big-picture view of what 2018 looked like from an Instagram user’s perspective.

2018 in review.png

JANUARY 23: After introducing Instagram Stories highlights and archives in December of 2017, the platform continued to roll out new engagement tools during 2018. The first of these was the introduction of GIF Stickers.

FEBRUARY 1: The next Stories update introduced Type mode, where users could now add text to their Stories.

MARCH 21: March brought about a profile change, where users were allowed to add hashtags and profile links in their bio.

MARCH 22: Instagram made changes to the news feed by adding a New Posts button option, allowing users to refresh their feed.

APRIL 10: Seeing a growing need for quality photography, Instagram added the Focus feature which gave users the ability to share portraits in Stories.

APRIL 15: Instagram introduced the @design account, creating a behind the scenes look of designers and creators from around the globe.

APRIL 24: Users can now upload multiple Stories at a time.

MAY 1: Recognizing the negative effects that social media can have, Instagram created an offensive comment filter to protect their community.

MAY 10: The Emoji slider was added to Stories giving users a fun new way to engage with content.

MAY 17: Users can now share posts from their news feed to Stories.

MAY 22: The Mute feature lets users hide posts from their news feed without unfollowing the accounts.

JUNE 7: If a user gets a @mention in a Story, they can share it to their Story.

JUNE 12: Shopping Stickers allows users to see more details about products in Stories.

JUNE 20: IGTV is born, a new app for watching long-form, vertical videos.

JUNE 28: Users can now add a Music sticker to their Stories.

JULY 2: “You’re All Caught Up” prompt appears in news feed letting users know when they’ve explored all the new content.

JULY 10: Questions sticker is introduced to Stories letting users connect with their audiences in a brand new way.

JULY 19: Green activity dot lets users know when their friends are active.

AUGUST 20: Instagram begins testing recommended posts in feed.

OCTOBER 2: Cofounders of IG step down, passing the reins to Adam Mosseri as the head of Instagram.

OCTOBER 4: Name Tag feature is introduced to help users connect in person.

OCTOBER 9: Instagram takes another crackdown on bullies by introducing new tools to spread kindness.

NOVEMBER 15: New ways to shop are introduced, just in time for the holidays.

NOVEMBER 19: Instagram cracks down on fake followers and third-party apps.

NOVEMBER 21: Users noticed their profiles are rearranged.

NOVEMBER 30: Users have the options to share Stories with close friends to promote more .authentic sharing.

DECEMBER 12: Countdown sticker added just in time for 2019!

Story By: Sophie Duncan