Instagram To Introduce Mute Feature in Feed


Good news is on the way for Instagram users who wish they could temporarily mute some of their friends’ posts. Instagram has announced they will be introducing a feature that will allow users to select which of the profiles they follow will actually show up in their feeds, without actually unfollowing anyone.

Following Facebook’s example who have had an option similar to this for years, muting someone's posts on Instagram will not let the other user know that you opted out of their posts.

This new feature will hopefully help users to avoid social drama or losing followers if they want to avoid seeing profiles that post too frequently, or post content that they simply are not interested in or do not want to see.

When the mute feature officially hits accounts in the upcoming weeks, to access it you’ll simply click on the ellipsis in the top right of the photo. This will give you the option to mute or unfollow the profile.

Once you’ve muted a user, you’ll still be able to visit their profile and see their posts at your own leisure, but the posts will not appear in your newsfeed.

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Story By: Sophie Duncan