Instagram Tests "Type" Feature for Stories

Type Stories.jpg

Though Instagram is all about photos and video, lately the app has started looking more closely at text. The app is testing a “Type” feature on its Stories that allows users to create text-based posts.

According to The Next Web, which reported that the feature showed up for selected users first in Japan and now Europe, the Type format appears as another Story option at the bottom of the screen along with Boomerang and Superzoom.

Instagram provides a range of font options that are paired with set background colors or gradients. Users can also select a photo as a background, which the app applies a filter over to highlight the text.

Though users can create text-based Stories already, this new feature would allow users to more easily create and share them. And, if it rolls out to all users, it has the potential to popularize the hybrid of text- and imagine-based storytelling that several publications like the New York Times deploy to elaborate on a topic in storybook form. However, some are unsure how useful the feature would be for users long term, and others see it as another possible attempt by Instagram to distinguish itself and further outcompete Snapchat.

Story By: Kris Martins