Instagram Tests Feature that Allows Users to Re-share Posts to Their Story

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In classic Instagram fashion, there is again another test feature in the works. The photo-sharing app is now trying out an option that would allow users to share public accounts’ posts to their Stories.

Though Instagram doesn’t have a ‘regram’ button out yet, this would be one step closer. It would also be a step beyond Instagram’s current feature that allows users to direct message a post to someone. Now Instagrammers would have the option to share that content with their entire following in just a few clicks. The option to share to your Story would be accessible when you click on the Share option under the post, according to The Verge. Instead of electing to send it to an individual or group, people could pick “Add post to your story.”

Last time we chatted about Instagram testing a new feature, it was Type Stories, and shortly after, it rolled out to all users. This one could be the next, and it could mean more exposure and engagement for your brand.

This could become a useful feature for giveaways — in order to enter, someone could have to share your post to their Story. A video showing the test feature shows that the Instagram handle is by default included in the Story post, so you would get notified that the user shared your content.

But beyond giveaways, this is also an opportunity for users, or your employees, to easily broadcast company news and events more easily and elegantly, all while pointing back to your brand's profile. No more taking screenshots to add to your Story. This also gives you another trackable metric for engagement and has the potential to expand your reach by giving users a convenient option to put your content in front of audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise.

Just keep creating valuable, ‘gram-worthy content that people want to share! If you need help with that, get in touch with us and check out more tips in the blog archives.

Story By: Kris Martins