Instagram Tells You When "You're All Caught Up"


Remember the days before Instagram changed its algorithm and rearranged our feed so that it was no longer in chronological order? Ever since we have lived in a world where there was no way to know if we had seen every new post. However, Instagram is about to restore some of our sanity with a new feature that is in the process of being rolled out.

According to Digital Trends, the app will show you a message that says, “You’re all caught up,” when you’ve seen all of the new posts in your feed. In fact, it works for all posts within the last 48 hours, which would allow you to scroll until your heart’s content.

This update comes at a time when many companies are emphasizing quality over quantity when it comes to time spent online. In fact, Facebook has been attempting to limit the number of posts you see from companies to help bolster the connections between friends and families. From Instagram and Google there has been talk of analytics that would be available to users that would help them track the time they spend on apps. 

Overall, there seems to be an increasing interest in the industry in promoting meaningful time on social media apps versus just keeping users online for as long as possible.

Anyway, we can't wait to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that we haven't missed a thing on Instagram! ;) 

Story By: Corinne Orr