Instagram Story Ideas That Fit Your Brand

Are you using Instagram Stories for your business yet? If not, you should be! Using Instagram Stories has become one of the best ways to share your content on the platform since the algorithm update. Brands are getting creative to make their content stand out from their competitors and it's been proven to work. So if you're in need of a little boost then we've got you covered with a 10 ideas to get you started listed below. 


1. Instagram Takeovers: Invite your team members or brand reps to host an Instagram Takeover to show your viewers a day in the life of what your team is up to. 

2. New Product Reveals: Show off new product arrivals on Instagram Stories to get the product off the shelves in no time! This is perfect for your followers to always stay up-to-date. 

3. Product Or Services In Action: Followers may be curious as to how your product or service works? Give them a preview of what your product or service has to offer in a quick step by step guide. 

4. Mini Articles: Have a blog post or article you want to share? Pick out a few important quotes to highlight in your Instagram Story and then link the full article so followers can check it out. 

5. Behind The Scenes: Show off behind the scenes pictures and photos of upcoming projects you and your team are working on. 

6. Informative Segments: Share tips and tricks with your followers! This is perfect for increasing engagement on your profile.

7. Sneak Peak: Do you have a big product launch coming soon? Offer your followers a sneak peak of it and maybe even a discount for those who view the Instagram Story! 

8. Motivation: Inspiring quotes are always great to post and an even better way to attract new followers to your profile. #MondayMotivation

9. New Post Notification: With the new algorithm update that Instagram launched, post are no longer in chronological order on a feed. Let your followers know when you have a new picture up by mentioning it in your story. 

10. Themed Days: Step your creativity up and notch and come up with exciting themed days like Takeover Tuesday or Wisdom Wednesdays! Your followers will love the consistency!