Syndicating Instagram Stories to Facebook

instagram stories facebook stories

As many of you know by now, the “Facebook Stories” feature has been a complete flop. While Facebook won’t release the official user data for the feature, most of us have probably noticed that the Facebook Stories newsfeed bar is a ghost town. Personally, of my 571 friends, I’ve only seen one person go “live” on Facebook Stories, and I’m pretty sure it was a butt-dial of sorts. Even when I clicked on the video, there were only 3 other people tuned in to watch. Yikes.

Even when attempting to boost the Facebook Stories feature via interface changes— Facebook Stories are now the main destination when you open the Facebook Camera — it just hasn’t garnered much interest.

But, in an exciting change of events, earlier this month Facebook announced that they’ll be rolling out a new Stories option — users will now be able to syndicate their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. With the tap of a button, you’ll be able to share moments from your life, business, and brand across the two platforms. 

And with Instagram Stories reporting 250 million daily users, we’re excited to see whether this new update will change how we think of Facebook Stories and increase engagement on the platform. What we know for sure is that Facebook isn’t giving up on their goal of being the frontrunners in the social media world.

Let us know your thoughts on the Facebook Stories feature below!

Story by: Isabelle Edwards