Instagram Stories In Action

Okay, so some of us here at Imagine Media might have threw some shade originally at Instagram for starting their Instagram Stories feature (mostly because of our loyalty to Snapchat). That being said, the tides have turned and we have all grown to love it. Our brands are all on board and we have fully adopted Instagram Stories as part of our social media family. Welcome aboard, Insta-Stories!

What are the pros? Let us tell you.

  1. Reach & Audience - what’s beautiful about Instagram Stories, for brands and/or bloggers, is that you’re not building your following from the ground up. For brands, adopting Snapchat was sometimes a tough/slow transition. It was tricky to convince your followers to follow along on another platform entirely, but once they got them there you were golden. Instagram Stories reaches the audience that you already have and has the ‘live’ feel that viewers love!

  2. Live feed - Viewers get the behind the scenes look at whatever is going on with your company. Even if the photos aren’t actually taken live, the viewers get the feeling they are seeing a direct snapshot of what a day in the life of “Your Brand Name Here” is like.

How is Imagine Media taking part? Let us show you.

  1. We call them social media “channels” for a reason. Each channel should play a vital role in moving your audience gracefully and naturally from one stream to another. In our case we use Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Stories and Instagram posts together.

  2. For example - if you haven’t been following along for our weekly Imagine Media Popcorn Challenge, well you are missing out. We go ‘Live at 5’ on Wednesdays to share with our audience a little bit of our awesome office culture. We have a different challenge every week and urge followers to follow along via Facebook Live. We advertise (and countdown) the weekly challenge using Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook.

  3. Behind the scenes - We love to share with our followers what a day in the life of an Imagineer is like. We share footage of our client photoshoots, team happy hours and brainstorming sessions just to name a few!

Our clients are taking part as well. Brands like Karoo, Lucy’s Market, Uneek and Tin Lizzy’s have been seeing the benefits of using Instagram Stories as well. We look forward to seeing further growth with the Instagram feature and still wonder if Snapchat will make any changes to combat their newest rival!

Post by: Carolyn Whalen