Instagram Stories Highlights: What They Are and How To Use Them


In December, Instagram introduced Stories Highlights– a feature allowing users and brands to archive and highlight their otherwise time-limited Stories. Given all the high-quality content that goes into Instagram Stories every day, Stories Highlights offer the opportunity to save that great content right at the top of an Instagram profile.

How do you use it? Tap “new” on the left side of your profile, choose Stories from your archive, choose a cover image for the Highlight, and name it. That Highlight will appear at the top of the profile and the reel of Highlights will play like one big Story when tapped by a follower. They’ll remain visible until deleted and clips can be removed but not reordered.

Now that the feature has been available for a few weeks, check out our top five favorite ways to use Stories Highlights.

1. Showcase important company news and updates

Highlights are a good way to save information about company updates announced via Instagram Stories. Anything from new product launches to new employee introductions can live in the highlights reel.

2. Spotlight partnerships

Partnerships with bloggers and influencers are a staple of Instagram marketing. Use Stories Highlights to feature partnerships, whether with influencers or other brands, so followers can easily access the information.

3. Highlight tutorials, how-to’s and background information

Tutorials and how-to’s, perennial favorites on YouTube, can now live for longer than 24 hours on Instagram. Highlights are the perfect place to host this type of content as it allows followers to access information on how to use the product quickly and easily.

4. Highlight ad campaigns

Give video ad campaigns a longer shelf life by including them in Stories Highlights. This is the perfect place to save seasonal ad campaigns for as long as they are relevant.

5. Highlight special events

From sales and promotions to in-person events, Stories Highlights are the perfect place to showcase information and highlights from company events. It’s even possible to create categories for Stories Highlights and catalog all the event Stories together.

What’s your favorite way to use Stories Highlights as a brand? Let us know in the comments!

Story by: Kelsey Thompson