Instagram Stories For The Food & Beverage Industry


Stories are ordered based on the moments' users care about most:

If you want your story to reach the user, you need to have them care about your brand. Having a good Instagram account will attract users, and you need to appear on their radar. With having more engagement, using keywords, and increasing clicks to your story you will appear in the moments' users care about.

More stories, more ephemeral content:

In having content that doesn’t last forever, it makes people not want to miss out on it. FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out, it’s the slogan for social media basically. Creating content that won’t last forever, makes people feel a sense of urgency for it; they have to view it, they have to share it with their friends, and they have to save it somehow.

Interactive stories (DM us for more, tease them):

A way to gauge ROI on stories is to offer a promo code, codeword, special instructions, something that you can have them tell the cashier when checking out at a store. That way you can see how many people interacted with the story. You don’t want to give out all the details because you do not know if anyone is viewing your story or actively thinking about your brand.



Have a tagline, what does your business do:

Having what you do tied to your stories, creates a seamless click-through of your stories. This is what people will associate with your business, and what they will tell others when they ask about your business.

Offer something:

Offering something creates a need the consumers did not know they needed. It could be a promotion, a giveaway, or just “pretty” content to look at it. Instead of having it seem like you are selling or shoving a product in their face, building the relationship by offering something other than your product will open the door for that opportunity.

Tag in IG story, not post:

When you encourage people to repost about you or your story, have them do it in their story. This will help you to reach a larger audience; one that was hard to reach, they didn’t know you existed before and bring all over awareness for you.


Create highlights:

This makes your feed look more attractive to current and future followers. Have the cover photos be a fun, aesthetically pleasing, and almost like “clickbait.” They can be graphics, pictures, just letters to spell something out, make it something that relates to your business.

Story by: Kelly Baker