Instagram Rolls Out Scannable Name Tags & More


You might have noticed that Instagram’s newest name tags feature looks familiar. Instagram has rolled out scannable name tags making following new accounts that much easier. That’s right, these scannable name tags have already been utilized by Snapchat for some time.

QR codes have been seen on several platforms and are a helpful tool to many businesses. When QR codes were first introduced on social media, users would simply scan the QR code with their camera and be redirected to another site in a matter of a few seconds.  

Instagram’s new scannable name tags allows people to follow accounts without having to search the username. Users open their Instagram camera, scan the code, and a preview of that account with a quick follow link pops up.

The update doesn’t end there. Users can personalize their name tag with different colors, pictures, and even emojis making their scannable name tag that much more unique.

As if these new scannable name tags aren’t making connecting with users easier, Instagram has announced that they are also testing a new feature known as School Communities. With this feature, students can connect with other students and recent graduates from their university in a common space.

It’s not all about liking or commenting on a photo anymore. Instagram is focusing on community and making it easier for users to connect.

Story By: Marissa Rubin