Instagram May Be Removing Their 24 Hour Stories Limit

Instagram is back at it again with another new update in the works for their Instagram Stories. Instagram is currently testing a new feature that would allow users to upload any photo or video from the last week to their Instagram Stories. Currently, the feature only allows you to upload a photo or video from the past 24 hours, but there are plenty of ways around it until the update is available to all users. Learn how by reading more below.


The latest Instagram Story feature was spotted a few weeks ago after selected users were quick to notice that they were able to upload a photo or video from "Last Week" instead of the typical "Last 24 Hours". Unlike Instagram's competitor, Snapchat, you can upload your photo or video to look like real time. So how does this update benefit you and your brand for future Instagram Story posts? 

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12.05.12 PM.png

50% of businesses are already using Instagram Stories in their content strategy but the rest of businesses, not using Instagram Stories cannot commit to the time it takes to consistently post in real time. With a week limit on Instagram Stories, more businesses will most likely post on their account and could even lead to more Instagram Story ads. 

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Do you still need help with content for your Instagram Story? Check out our blog post filled with Instagram Story ideas here and if this blog inspired you to post more Instagram Stories but you can't wait until the "Last Week" feature is available then download the MetaTrixter app to change the date on your photo or video. 

Story by: Barb Rego