Search Your Favorite Instagram Hashtags On The Web

Right on the heels of it’s latest mobile revamp, Instagram announced last week that users can now search hashtags, locations and profiles from the web-based version of their platform. This update allows users to seamlessly search the photo-sharing app whether or not they are actually on their mobile phones.

This is not only a huge time saver for prolific users looking to see what's trending; it also showcases that social media platforms are not completely giving up on the desktop computer and our investing in cross-platform, cross-device experience. While 2013 reports show that close to 80% of Facebook users are on the mobile platform, Instagram's new update still showcases the need for an easy and effective web-based version of content.

Instagram has been busy updating its platform throughout the summer, including the introduction of high-resolution photos on the mobile version of the app. This can only mean great things for the fast growing company that is redefining how we take and share pictures.