New Feature: Instagram Allows Brands to Turn Influencer Posts into Ads

Instagram Influencers

Instagram’s new Branded Content Ads option is here to help brands make the most of Instagram marketing. The feature will now let companies promote any organic content posted by influencers, specifically partnerships and sponsored content.

Sixty-eight percent of people come to Instagram solely to interact with creators, according to the Instagram Business blog, which is why the rollout of this feature brings so much possibility of growth to both brands and influencers.

Instagram also mentioned that this feature was one of the most highly requested among brands. This comes as no surprise since this feature allows businesses to reach more people and grow their audience using organic content.

What this means for brands

By being able to promote influencer content, brands will be able to reach people who don’t follow them or the influencer they’re partnering with, increasing their chances of gaining new followers, increasing brand awareness and driving sales. Plus, these kinds of ads don’t look like ads, a huge benefit when more users are swiping past obvious sponsored content that crowds their feeds. Because these promoted posts have an organic look and feel, they’re more likely to capture and keep people’s attention.

What this means for influencers

This feature not only benefits brands, but influencers as well. Now that companies can boost influencers’ organic partnership content, they’ll also be able to reach a larger audience and grow their personal brand with people beyond their own followers or the brand’s followers. All in all, this feature is a huge positive for influencers too and will only increasing their revenue.

Story By: Alondra Santillan