Instagram Is Bringing Ads to the Explore Page

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Another advertising channel is on its way, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about it before it launches.

The update

Instagram recently announced that it’s adding a new type of ad to their app: Explore Page ads!

In the past, you could only get onto the coveted Explore page — a curated section of the app where users can discover new content based on the posts and accounts they enjoy — by using extremely strategic posting, having high engagement and/or expensive influencer partnerships. Now you’ll be able to buy space directly on the page.

Instagram wants this update to help businesses connect with “people who might become meaningful customers.”

Instagram released a demonstration of how the ads would appear. They’ll be nested in between posts that show up in the typical Explore page based on the algorithm. If a user were to click on a post on their Explore page and scroll down to see more posts like it, they might run into a sponsored ad among the other organic posts. This allows for a very natural feeling introduction discovery of a brand or product.

Image from  Social Media Today

Explore Page posts are unique to each user. The content they see is based on their interests, which is determined by the accounts, posts and hashtags they follow and interact with. Instagram will show your ad to people who are most likely already be interested in your service, increasing your potential customer conversion rate.

We also like that these ads are budget friendly. When you create an Instagram ad campaign, you can choose to show your ad in the Explore page in addition to showing it within the feed — for no extra charge. Both ads will run from the same collective budget, and how much you spend can be capped per day or month to make sure you don’t overspend.

What this means for you

Instagram said it’ll roll out the new ad option slowly in the next few months. With it’s more natural, non-intrusive format, it allows you to put your brand in front of an even larger and more specific audience than your ads would see on the traditional feed. Opting into this ad option will help increase your exposure and therefore help increase brand awareness, conversions and more.

Now that you know what’s coming, make sure your Instagram ads are crafted well leading up to the release so that they’re ready to be seen by more eyes. For a recap on how to create effective Instagram ads, click here. Good luck and see you on the Explore page!

Story By: Kate Mazza