Getting Influencers to Share Your Content 101

It's what everyone is after and little are excelling at: Influencer Relations. Wouldn't it be great if you could tap into a network of amazing people with loyal followers to get your message across, and also gain traction in the meantime? Lucky for you, we just read this awesome article from Social Media Today and have boiled this tall task down into three simple, digestible steps. Keep reading and let the sharing begin! 

Step 1: Quote Experts in Your Field

What seems like a no-brainer is actually a little more tough. Social Media Today suggests emailing a ton of the best people in your industry and emailing them the same question. If you're feeling original, go for it! And if you're not, here's an example "What are your favorite non-traditional social profiles for SEO and branding purposes?" From there, create an article titled something along the lines of "11 Experts Share Their Favorite Non-Traditional Social Profiles". Next step? Share on social and tag these influencers! 

Step 2: Highlight Awesome People or Organizations

Haven't you heard? Everyone loves being complimented. Mention your favorite influencers in blog posts, photograph their products in your own creative way, or just shout them out on social. We see some RTs and Reposts in your future! 

Step 3: Piggyback Off Someone Famous

Social Media Today uses Canva as an example. Has Canva changed your life like it has ours? Write a post along the lines of "7 Reasons Canva Has Changed My Life" and cross those fingers for a repost! 

That's all, folks! Best of luck and we'll catch you on the flip side (with more followers and influencer friends). Want more? Read the entire article here

Post by Margot Dukes