Imagining More in 2017

It is hard to believe that another year is coming to an end! In celebration of a year of growth, challenges, successes, new strategies and lots of celebrations, we’re rounding up the top NEW aspects of Imagine that were implemented this year. Here it goes:


  1. In-House Copywriting: We were so excited to welcome “Copywriter Kris” to the team this year as our first in-house copywriter. As a result of over-saturation and increased competition on social, we recognized the need for strong storytelling and cohesive messaging, and are so excited to see where her talent takes us this coming year.

  2. Innovation/Flex Budget: If you’re a loyal Imagine follower, you know that INNOVATION is one of our Core Values. For the past couple months, we’ve implemented an Innovation/Flex Budget into our partners’ contracts. Each month, for 2-3 hours, our seasoned account representatives will dedicate all of their brain power to innovating for our partners. We see some big ideas and strong campaigns coming out of this one -- stay tuned!

  3. Speaking Engagements: Imagine has officially jumped into the world of presenting! This year, we shared our social media knowledge with audiences at AmericasMart, Supernova South, Obagi Medical Conference, Shopify Meetup, and a Lunch + Learn with our friends at Relevance Advisors. You can catch us back at AmericasMart for a January Market speaking engagement as well as many more in the new year.

  4. HeyOrca: This was a big one! We now use this platform to create a seamless social media content strategy in which our account reps, copywriter, and partners can collaborate on upcoming posts. We love HeyOrca because it’s visually appealing, it streamlines content approval, and we can manage our many partners in one place.

  5. Intern Appreciation Day: At Imagine, we promise our interns that they will never have to get us coffee. Instead, they are an integral part of our processes, and we absolutely love keeping in touch with them after their time here. This year, we decided to invite all past interns (now named ‘ambassadors’) to our offices for a #NationalInternAppreciationDay brunch. We’re excited to continue this tradition and do all we can to show our appreciation for these incredibly sharp and talented students.

  6. Double Tap the Keg: We had an ‘ah-ha’ moment this year when it comes to our first ever event series, Double Tap the Keg! Picture this: awesome office space, a panel of influencers in the community speaking about trending and relevant topics, and of course, great local beer. Out of an idea was born a super successful event, and we look forward to ramping it up in 2018 to host these events every other month. Big props to our Community Success Manager, Carolyn,  for taking ownership of this project. We couldn’t do it without her!

  7. Imagine More Podcast: When our Co-Founder and CEO, Shantel, sets a goal, nothing can get in her way. When she said she wanted to start a Podcast in the next 5 years, you could ‘Imagine’ our surprise when she had a website, recording equipment, and guests lined up for days shortly after setting that goal. We are so proud of her work on the Imagine More Podcast, and see lots of ways that it can take us to the next level in 2018. You go SK!


A few other noteworthy additions include hiring an Office Manager (stay tuned to meet Sophie in January!), incorporating an awesome retoucher/photo assistant, Chris, attending more industry-specific events, ramping up our YouTube channel, a National Social Media Day event, welcoming a Fellow to the office in October (we miss you Tito!), Pledging 1%, and many more.


We know that 2018 has a lot in store for us, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as we grow, shift, and change for the best. Cheers to a new year from the Imagineers!


Story by Margot Dukes