#IMAGINETRAVELS: A Traveler's Guide Travel Instagram

If there’s one thing that the Imagineers love more than Social Media, it’s travel. Our collective experiences range across countries and continents, and with every memorable “wow” moment there’s a perfectly captured pic to go along with it. Because how else are you going to remember every detail of those laughable, exhausting, breathtaking, delicious, eye opening experiences? We recently discussed Travel iPhonography as a team and have some wisdom to impart. Sit back, relax, and go on a trip with us. Follow this guide and you’ll have likes rolling in in no time! *Disclaimer: We fully support being in the moment while traveling, but a wise man once said “you gotta do it for the ‘gram”.

Solo Shots and Selfies Are a Must

We get it, they aren’t that cool on an average Tuesday in America. BUT when you’re traveling, some social cues go out the window, this one included. Loosen up (maybe with the help of some vino?), be confident (no matter what day of dry shampoo you’re on) and take those selfies. Trust us, you look good and this is what your followers want to see!


Bon Appetit! Shoot, Then Eat

We’re no strangers to food photography, and you shouldn’t be either. Savor the flavors of your trip by taking pictures of your food. We may or may not have experience standing on Italian chairs for Seafood pasta, pizza, and gelato.

Capture the Colors

Brighten up your feed by capturing pictures of the architecture, buildings, and overall beauty around you. Everything seems more vibrant when you’re away, and if you don’t snap a pic, you won’t have Desktop and iPhone background choices for days.

Wildlife Shots are the Best Shots

Because maybe we can’t play with lions and tigers in the US, but we sure can abroad!

Be a Diva

Whether you’re rolling down a river, lounging by a pool, or boating around Capri, hand over your camera because all shots are good shots.

That’s all, folks! Follow us on Instagram for more!

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Post by Margot Dukes